Revolutionizing the Skyline: NEXT/NOW and 360 CHICAGO Launch Cutting-Edge Cultural Experience

Next/Now partners with 360 CHICAGO to revolutionize the iconic observation deck on 875 N. Michigan Avenue, introducing a state-of-the-art entry concourse designed to highlight Chicago’s rich diversity and culture. The project will feature interactive experiences, allowing guests to engage with the city’s history and communities through advanced digital platforms and installations, such as the captivating “Lake Effect” and a vibrant animated photo gallery. This renovation signifies a blend of technology and tradition, inviting visitors to explore Chicago’s heritage and innovations as they ascend to stunning city views.

Image of 94th floor of 875 N. Michigan Avenue

Visitors will be greeted with a dynamic array of installations, from an immersive cinema narrating Chicago’s history to an animated photo gallery celebrating its key moments. Next/Now’s influence is evident in these interactive features, designed to captivate guests with a blend of art, technology, and storytelling. Nichole Benolken, Managing Director of 360 CHICAGO, emphasized the importance of reflecting the city’s diversity and vibrancy throughout the journey to the observation deck. The project, set to start in January 2024, aims to enhance every step of the visitor’s path, underlining the connection between the city’s ground and sky.

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