Renze Installs First Neon Ink Printer in North America

Omaha-based Renzehas acquired and installed the first SwissQPrint Gen 4 flatbed printer in North America. The printer uses the latest Q1280i print heads which gives increased quality, improved gradients, and photographic smoothness in skin tones. But perhaps its most innovative feature: the SwissQPrint Gen 4 is fitted with a “Neon Ink” option.
“This printer is using updated ink technology to improve the color gamut, and ours is set-up with Bright Orange, Neon Yellow and Pink to increase the matching of branded colors,” says Doug Buchanan, CEO of Renze. “The quality, speed and never seen fluorescent inks will allow us to tackle the most creative design challenges yet produce them quickly to meet our tight deadlines.”  
All the inks are labeled “Green Guard Certified” for eco-friendly installations, and the gray scale capability of both the white and color inks make the production of window film fast and easy using the printer’s roll option. The tactile capability will allow Renze to print textured graphics and produce wayfinding signage with Braille and raised letters. 
The SwissQprint Gen 4 also prints on rigid material and Renze will use this technology to print on acrylic, wood, metal, polyester, polycarbonate, and PVC.

For over 125 years, Renzehas been a leading provider of exhibits and displays, branded environments, event and large-format graphics and point-of-purchase solutions. Today our fine team still produces exhibits, event graphics and environmental graphics from our 90,000 square foot facility in Omaha, Nebraska, and we install them all over the US.