Bend, OR, Mar 29, 2022 -A national anti-human trafficking nonprofit IN OUR BACKYARD (IOB) led by a child sex-trafficking survivor along with volunteers, law enforcement, government agencies, and local nonprofits teamed up to raise awareness and fight human trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl host city. Within one week of the big game 17 of the 36 children posted in the IOB Missing Children Booklets were recovered through collaborative efforts with law enforcement and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department reported 183 arrests of alleged sex buyers and 30 suspected traffickers, as well as 65 adults and 7 minors recovered. See to read the complete Super Bowl Executive Summary. Human trafficking happens 365 days a year throughout the United States and risk increases around large events like the Super Bowl due to the entertainment and party atmosphere.

Executive Director and Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Cheryl Csiky’s ultimate goal was to empower the Los Angeles area to come together to create a safer community. “This was our 13th consecutive year of anti-human trafficking work for a Super Bowl host city. Missing children are targeted by traffickers, every community can make a difference all year long, by learning the signs.”

To date, 30,000 convenience stores link arms with IOB’s Convenience Stores Against Trafficking national program. Stores are open late and reach half the U.S. population daily. IOB Freedom Stickers are posted in their public restroom sharing the National Human Trafficking Resource hotline to reach someone who is being trafficked. Every community business owner has an opportunity to create a pathway to freedom.

In support of IOB’s efforts to raise awareness in the Super Bowl host city, Daktronics created a library of digital Freedom Sticker signage for convenience stores and businesses. Lamar Advertising Company donated a billboard featuring the National Human Trafficking hotline, raising awareness to more than 220,000 drivers per day in the LA area. “In this important effort, Anti-human trafficking content is just one way business owners can use their digital signage to support their community,” says Jess Bern, strategic marketing for Daktronics.

IOB’s volunteer efforts on the ground empowered convenience store employees with information and resources to watch for and safely report signs of human trafficking. One volunteer reported, “I just knew something was off. That young girl needed help, but she was watched. We made a report instantly, and the store manager was so thankful we helped him understand there was a hotline he could report to.”

IN OUR BACKYARD is a survivor-led national organization with more than a decade of dedication to the fight against sex and labor trafficking. IOB links arms in the fight against human trafficking by empowering communities to prevent this atrocity and creating access to freedom for victims of human trafficking.

Contact: Cheryl Csiky 224.456.1124