Making And Identity In Oaxaca Immersion Launch Party

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Making And Identity In Oaxaca Immersion Launch Party

Murmur Ring is hosting a party to celebrate their upcoming Making and Identity in Oaxaca immersion. Featuring cocktails and hors d’oeuvres created by Chef Jenny Gensterblum, the evening will highlight the flavors of Oaxaca and curate a sneak-peak of what you will see when you join for the immersion in February 2024.

Event Registration Details
Event date: Tuesday, September 26 · 6 – 8pm EDT
Location: U Omakase – 173 Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222


Murmur Ring is an immersive design and storytelling design company. 

We believe that in order to connect you have to disconnect. As the world charges toward increased digital connectivity, we have an amplified visceral need to move around, touch things, see things and exchange ideas in the real world. Shared tangible experiences foster trust, strategic alignment, and collaboration.

Murmur Ring helps organizations accomplish their strategic aims through immersive encounters, collective discourse, and storytelling.