Luci Creative And Schwartz/Silver Architects Selected As Partners For New Boston Holocaust Museum

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Luci Creative, a museum planning and exhibit design firm, and Schwartz/Silver Architects, a Boston architecture firm specializing in museum design, are excited to announce their selection as the exclusive exhibition design and architecture partners for the new Boston Holocaust Museum. The museum, as envisioned by the Holocaust Legacy Foundation, aims to create a center for Holocaust exhibits and education, with interactive and cautionary experiences for students, visitors, and the Boston community. The goal of the museum is creating a more caring and just society, in which human rights and differences are respected and valued.
“For Luci Creative to be selected to design such an important museum is both exciting and humbling,” said AJ Goehle, CEO & Principal of Luci Creative. “Our team is committed to telling stories that matter. The lessons from the Holocaust, and its depth of inhumanity, are critical for future generations to learn, ensuring that these horrors never happen again.”
“We are deeply honored to be working with the Holocaust Legacy Foundation to create this important new museum on the Freedom Trail,” said Jon Traficonte, AIA, Principal at Schwartz/Silver. “The goal is to educate visitors, giving them an immersive experience beyond what they might read in a book or see on a screen. But we also want to leave them feeling optimistic, and motivated to take action against injustices in the world, rather than just passively stand by.”
Founded in 2018 by Jody Kipnis and Todd Ruderman, the Boston-based Holocaust Legacy
Foundation (HLF) was established to preserve and perpetuate the memory and lessons of the
Holocaust for future generations. In the fall of 2021, the HLF hired Michael Berenbaum, an internationally recognized scholar, professor, Rabbi, writer, and filmmaker, who specializes in the study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights issues to support a new exhibition narrative for the Museum.
In April of 2022, HLF purchased a building on Tremont Street, along Boston’s historic Freedom Trail, to be converted into the city’s first Holocaust Museum. It is the Foundation’s goal is to create a space that will preserve and perpetuate the memory and lessons of the Holocaust for future generations, and to offer the community a powerful tool to teach its visitors about the importance of human dignity, respect, and the imperative of civic responsibility.
“We are delighted to have found the right partners in Luci Creative and Schwartz/Silver Architects,” says Kipnis. “Together with Michael Berenbaum, this team is sure to produce a museum that will keep the lessons of the Holocaust at the forefront and in effort to deter future acts of hate and human destruction.”
Luci Creative and Schwartz/Silver Architects have partnered on multiple projects together, with the Boston Holocaust Museum being the most recent. The Museum is in the early stages of master planning and building programming.

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Since 1980, Schwartz/Silver has served museums, libraries, academic institutions, and civic agencies with work that is respectful of the physical context, inquisitive in approach, and authentic to its own place in history. We prioritize accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability in all our designs, and work together to arrive at the best solutions for each project and each challenge. Schwartz/Silver has more than three decades of experience in designing museums and cultural centers, nearly all of them with dedicated spaces to support their educational missions.
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