Goppion Creates Innovative Glass Display For King Tut’s Treasures at Grand Egyptian Museum

Goppion, a leader in museum display cases, plays a pivotal role in unveiling King Tutankhamun’s treasures at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). Their innovative design showcases 5,000 artifacts, including Tutankhamun’s five ceremonial gold chariots. Goppion’s 200 display cases, including a massive one for the chariots, set new standards in presentation and conservation, ensuring an unparalleled viewing experience.

Beyond aesthetics, Goppion addresses the critical need to preserve delicate ancient artifacts. The bespoke showcase for the chariots, at 12m x 4m x 2.9m, exemplifies their commitment to artistry and science. Advanced systems regulate humidity, protecting these treasures against time and environmental factors. As the GEM opens, Goppion’s work blends historical reverence with modern innovation, offering a fresh perspective on ancient civilizations.

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