GHD Partners Unveils Google’s New NYC Landmark at St. John’s Terminal

Image of Google sign at their new headquarters.
Image provided by GHD Partners

GHD Partners is thrilled to announce the opening of Google’s new headquarters at St. John’s Terminal and to share the results of their team’s collaborative efforts on the project.

During the past four years, GHD has closely collaborated with Google and other project partners on this groundbreaking project, crafting a visionary space that embodies Google’s distinctive culture while integrating with the local NYC community. GHD spearheaded the design and implementation of graphics, signage, and wayfinding throughout the 1.4 million square foot building. The scope spanned the entire exterior and interior campus, including all signage and wayfinding, three cafes, ecology-focused terrace signage, six workplace floors, a fitness center, lobby art installation, plus the branding of St. John’s Terminal.

Perched atop a historic 1930s rail terminal, the building’s design integrates elements of its storied past. The exposed rail beds, for which GHD meticulously incorporated Google’s primary building identification, serve as a reminder of this heritage. Inside, the building houses six workplace floors. Each level is thoughtfully themed to evoke “spectrums” of atmospheres, such as a shift in Shadow to Light, or a progression from Complex to Simple. Graphics spanning these spectrums provide a captivating transitional experience, transforming the ambiance from one end of the floor to the other and offering users a versatile and inspiring working environment.

GHD is honored to have played a key role in welcoming Googlers to their brand new New York City home. Stay tuned at and follow along on LinkedIn and Instagram as GHD unveils insights into this transformative project.