Genius Loci Recognized at 2024 Transform MEA Awards

Genius Loci has recently garnered significant recognition at the 2024 Transform MEA Awards for their groundbreaking projects across Greece and Dubai. From enhancing visitor experiences at a historic park in Athens to redefining the visual landscape of Dubai’s most prestigious locations, these projects highlight the transformative power of thoughtful design.

Genius Loci’s work on the Ellinikon Experience Park in Athens stands as a remarkable fusion of history and modernity. Developed on the site of the former Ellinikon International Airport, the park’s comprehensive wayfinding strategy and intuitive signage design system have earned multiple prestigious awards. By utilizing sustainable materials like natural wood and recycled aluminum, Genius Loci not only complements the park’s eco-friendly ethos but also ensures clear communication through a dual-language system. This cohesive signage system, featuring identity, mapping, directional, informational, and regulatory signs, offers a seamless, engaging experience for all visitors.

In Dubai, the innovative signage design for Dubai Mall Zabeel, an extension of the iconic Dubai Mall, has won the Gold Award for Best Wayfinding and Signage. This project, aimed at a youthful and bold audience, mirrors the mall’s industrial-chic ambiance with its internal lighting, perforated metals, and dot matrix fonts. The signage system spans entryways, parking facilities, and interior public realms, creating a cohesive visual identity that enhances the visitor experience and aligns with Dubai Mall’s expansion strategy.

Genius Loci’s work for the Atmosphere restaurant in the Burj Khalifa has been honored with Gold for Best Use of a Visual Property and Silver for Best Wayfinding and Signage. Situated on the 122nd floor, the restaurant’s identity signage is transformed into art installations featuring 3D-printed components, gold plating, and storytelling elements. These intricate pieces, including whimsical monkeys and a dynamic orrery, invite guests to craft their own narratives, significantly enhancing Atmosphere’s allure and sparking excitement on social media.

These award-winning projects by Genius Loci showcase the impact of innovative design in creating memorable and functional spaces. Their success underscores the importance of a dedicated design team and visionary clients in bringing groundbreaking ideas to life. As Genius Loci continues to push the boundaries of design, their work remains a shining example of how thoughtful wayfinding and signage can transform environments and elevate experiences.

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