Fivestone Studios Launches New Brand “Bella”

Fivestone Studios launches new brand "Bella"
Fivestone Studios launches new brand “Bella”

Take a Giant Leap

We are proud to announce the launch of Bella, a full-service production studio dedicated to live-action production and post. This has been years in the making. Since 2017, we have produced award-winning content for some of the world’s biggest brands. As we have grown and expanded, the time has come to make some exciting moves. Fivestone focuses on immersive and experiential content, while Bella delivers world-class live-action production and post. Together, our mission is to build a global home for artists committed to pushing creative boundaries and partnering with agencies and brands to produce bold and inspiring work. 

Roster of Talent

We are launching with a roster of world-class directors and editors, each with their own look and style. They leverage a strong collaborative spirit and vision that comes together in award-winning work. We will do spotlights about them in our next newsletter – so be on the lookout.  

We have also built a diverse, global network of artists specializing in a wide range of genres and visual approaches. So we can bring the right creative to every project. And in a world facing shorter timelines and longer deliverables, we are committed to turning those challenges into advantages together.