FIT Design Students Partner with Prestigious Organizations for Innovative Projects

2024 Fashion Institute of Technology Exhibition and Experience Design Graduate Students

In an exciting showcase of innovation and collaboration, students from FIT’s Graduate Program in Exhibition and Experience Design partnered with prominent organizations to bring to life three dynamic projects. From exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Himalayan art at the Rubin Museum to crafting immersive experiences for Sony Honda Mobility’s new electric vehicle brand, AFEELA, and revitalizing historic urban spaces with Gotham Park, these initiatives demonstrate the power of creative design in shaping engaging, educational, and impactful environments. Dive into the highlights of these groundbreaking projects that blend academic rigor with real-world applications, offering fresh perspectives and inspiring solutions.

1. Rubin Museum of Art Collaboration: Exploring Himalayan Art

The Rubin Museum of Art teamed up with FIT’s Graduate Program in Exhibition and Experience Design for a transformative project centered on the Tibetan Wheel of Life. Students, guided by Jamie Lawyer, the Rubin’s Chief Experience Officer, and course professor Brenda Cowan, developed professional-level museum exhibition concepts. This collaboration aimed to transition the Rubin into a global museum model, connecting physical and digital experiences to expand awareness and appreciation of Himalayan art. The students’ designs were praised for their creativity, compassion, and ability to distill complex ideas into engaging experiences​​.

2. AFEELA by Sony Honda Mobility: Experiential Marketing Innovation

In a partnership with Pinnacle, an experiential marketing agency, FIT students tackled the challenge of creating an experiential pop-up for Sony Honda Mobility’s new electric vehicle brand, AFEELA. The project, led by Pinnacle’s Creative Director Adam Carnes, involved developing concepts to boost brand awareness and engagement through innovative pop-up activations in key cities like Los Angeles, Austin, and New York. The students’ work encompassed everything from mood boards to 3D models, showcasing their ability to generate fresh, impactful ideas in a real-world context​​.

3. Gotham Park: Revitalizing Historic Urban Spaces

Gotham Park, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the spaces under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, collaborated with FIT students to develop a branded graphic wayfinding and placemaking design package. The project, supervised by Professor Christina Lyons, involved creating a historical tour of “Gotham Park Gems” and designing an interpretive graphic identity for the park. This initiative not only aimed to enhance the park’s accessibility and appeal but also to reconnect the community with its historical roots. The students’ thoughtful and innovative solutions received high praise from Gotham Park representatives, reflecting their deep understanding of the project’s social and cultural significance​​.

These projects highlight the impactful collaboration between FIT’s Graduate Program in Exhibition and Experience Design and various prestigious partners, demonstrating the students’ ability to merge academic learning with real-world applications to create meaningful and engaging design solutions.

FIT Graduate Students

  • Aian Raquel
  • Akshata Chitnis
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • Claire Caverly
  • Honey Jernquist
  • Hyunji Lee
  • Jude Desinor
  • Kellyn Nettles
  • Meredith Newman
  • Robert Reuland
  • Saher Sahni
  • Sakshi Lokhande
  • Sarah Agudello
  • Sarah Miorelli
  • Steven Coward

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