Dimensional Innovations Celebrates Award-Winning Lobby Design at American Century Investments®’ Global Headquarters

Dimensional Innovations (DI) celebrates award winning recognition from Digiday and the Financial Communications Society for the redesigned lobby of American Century Investments’ global headquarters in Kansas City, MO. 

Financial Communications Society (FCS) named American Century Investments ‘Best in Show’ for the second consecutive year while Digiday Content Marketing Awards named American Century Investments an award finalist in the ‘Most Innovative Use of Content’ category. The two award programs are considered prestigious in their respective industries, further solidifying the impressive design execution. The compelling redesign was unveiled in 2023 to coincide with the firm’s 65th anniversary, creating a captivating, welcoming moment that leaves a lasting impression. 

“It’s not just a workplace,” said Tucker Trotter, CEO, Dimensional Innovations. “The result is a pioneering example of where experiential design is heading. Our work strikes an elegant balance of traditional design principles with a thoughtful use of technology embedded throughout. We’re pleased to receive recognition from not just one, but two notable award programs.”

The lobby incorporates augmented reality (AR) technology, generative art displays and sculptural design to create a tech-forward environment. Upon entrance, employees, clients and visitors can explore the investment firm’s compelling 65-year history through more than 25 touch points throughout the lobby scanned via a smartphone application. Every element was intentionally designed and positioned to foster a strong sense of community and trust. 

“Ever since we unveiled the lobby, it has served as more than just an entry point,” said Michelle Lehrman, vice president of corporate and general services for American Century Investments. “It is a destination in itself. The flexible space serves as a living room, cafe, meeting space, and art gallery that offers a holistic experience that embodies our firm’s history and essence. It’s not surprising that the space has been recognized by some of the industry’s top honors.” 

The project has been prominently featured in outlets including FOX, CBS, Kansas City Business Journal, MutualFundWire, Ignites, and Investment News Weekly. In addition, the space was named a finalist in the Kansas City Business Journal’s Coolest Office Spaces of 2023. To learn more about the project, visit: https://dimin.com/work/american-century-investments