Cloud Gehshan Celebrates 35 Years of Design Innovation

Cloud Gehshan is celebrating 35 years of innovative, creative and thoughtful work that yields accessible experiences and memorable places.

Founded in 1986, SEGD Fellows Jerome Cloud and Virginia Gehshan have grown CG into a nationally recognized design firm. Principals Ian Goldberg and Matt Cavalier have since joined our ownership team and continue to create iconic, award-winning and imaginative solutions for the natural and built environments.

Our company has matured along with the profession, with CG in leadership roles. Even the name “environmental graphic design” has evolved into “experiential graphic design,” reflecting a broader view of this multi-disciplinary specialty. With projects ranging from small gems to large and complex master plans, our goal remains to create positive experiences for people through user-focused design.

New opportunities are abound, and we are privileged to be part of the communities we serve, working side-by-side with them, watching them grow and evolve, elevating their brands and sharing their stories. 

Visit the Cloud Gehshan website to join the celebration!