Bassetti Architects – Transformational Identity

BTA has recently rebranded as the Transformational Advisory Group. 

Blending into the staccato of storefronts across the brick façade of the Landmarked Smith Building in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square you will find the financial services offices of Burns Toussaint and Associates, BTA Group. One glimpse beyond the threshold and the space is visually transformed into a contemporary office inhabited by people who want to create legacies for their clients and empower their communities. 

The 1,600 sf suite needed to be maximized while supporting an open, sophisticated feel. Within these parameters, the project team looked for opportunities where graphics and architecture could seamlessly meld. The inspiration for the experiential graphics was the existing BTA brand. 

The main spatial division in the suite is a wood panel wrapped conference room set back from the entry as the backdrop to a small waiting area. The paneling is cut away to reveal a large glass corner and wall creating transparency into the conference room, and a backlit brass inlay and wood sign showcasing the BTA logo decorates the waiting area’s main wall. This primary branding feature is visible through the windows during Seattle’s dark winters. To connect the logo to the design of the space, the brass horizontal line that cuts through the logo aligns with the height of the glass conference room door. The eye follows this small move around the corner, inviting visitors to enter the office. 

From behind the BTA sign, the wood paneling wanders up and over the conference room glass and down the hallway until it turns and meets with a custom haptic wallcovering created by weaving the BTA logo with a classic flourish. It is a modern juxtaposition to the rustic brick wall that was left exposed. The wallcovering’s teal hue continues upward to wrap the new mezzanine space. This unexpected touch of color subtly brightens the office within the wood and brick suite. 

BTA Group is defying the financial industry’s racial barriers – and setting itself up to have a legacy for the next generation. It is only fitting that its new offices create a graphically rich contemporary space floating within a historic shell. 

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Photo Credit: Moris Moreno