Announcing The Opening Of Urban Grove At Lawn On D

Image courtesy of Arrowstreet

Arrowstreet is excited to announce the opening of the Urban Grove at Lawn on D. The installation is part of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authorities’ refresh of the very popular public space in South Boston.

For more than 10 years, The Lawn on D has been a destination drawing a diverse community looking to enjoy the arts, camaraderie, and outdoor recreation. As part of two new art installations, The Urban Grove is designed to complement the Lawn by providing a relaxing space to enjoy the shade and be surrounded by the reflections of one of Boston’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

In the face of our changing climate and the increasing heat of summer, the importance of establishing and maintaining inviting, shaded public spaces is greater than ever. The Urban Grove symbolizes a resolute commitment to preserving and expanding shaded green spaces within our city landscapes while also infusing the space with an element of whimsy and delight.

The underside of each leaf features a reflective surface, inviting you to gaze upward and reflect—both literally and figuratively. As the space fills with people, the mirrored surfaces come alive with vibrant movement and hues of fellow visitors. After dark, color-changing lighting illuminates the area and provides even more colorful reflections on the leafy canopy, creating a dynamic atmosphere for respite, reflection, and renewal.

The second art installation, Kaleidoscope Garden, by Boston-based architecture firm Perkins&Will, is a light garden featuring a field of illuminated disks. In the center is a mirrored kaleidoscope, great for capturing picture-perfect moments.

MCCA also completed several upgrades to the site infrastructure and will provide significant community programming throughout the season.