Archetype Transformed: Fostering Unity and Elevating Identity Through Strategic Rebranding

Archetype recently underwent a remarkable rebranding journey. This transformation aimed to modernize the company’s image, unify its culture, and communicate its unique identity effectively. Archetype tapped into the expertise of their frequent design partner, Sussner, to collaborate and emphasize the significance of brand strategy and authenticity.

Archetype’s Brand Evolution

Archetype’s journey is intricately connected to its relationship with SEGD, and looking towards SEGD’s 50th anniversary celebration in August 2023 as a catalyst for change and opportunity to feature Archetype’s transformation. This bond with SEGD influenced Archetype’s decision to undertake a comprehensive rebranding process, delving deeply into their brand identity, values, and culture.

While the COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges for many businesses, Archetype experienced growth during this period. This prompted them to revisit their brand identity, recognizing the importance of formalizing their values, mission, and purpose. This transformation was instrumental in aligning their employees and conveying their uniqueness effectively.

Archetype joined forces with Sussner, a Minneapolis-based branding agency, for their rebranding initiative. This collaboration was based on trust and prior positive experiences and collaborations on various projects throughout the years. The Sussner team kicked off the effort by conducting in-depth internal interviews, organizing employee focus groups, and gathering insights to create a comprehensive brand style.

The rebranding effort extended beyond external factors, focusing on reshaping the company’s internal culture. Archetype organized lunch-and-learn sessions to engage and educate their employees about their new mission, values, and culture. These sessions aimed to foster unity, encourage collaboration, and emphasize the significance of their brand transformation.

The logo underwent a transformation to symbolize Archetype’s refreshed identity. Through a few design iterations, the team landed on tapping into the equity of the existing logo rather than starting anew. Elements of the old logo were retained, but with a more sophisticated and mature touch, reflecting their growth and evolution.

The icon morphed from a collection of colored diamonds into an arrow-like form with direction pointing upward, to create direction and movement. This new logo serves as a visual representation of their brand transformation.

For a successful brand to truly be meaningful and purposeful … it needs a combination of being authentic, relevant, and then ideally, surprising. By authentic we mean it's true to them. It's true to who they are and what they are working towards in their organization. It's relevant to their audience, both internally to the employees that currently work there and to the employees that they're looking to attract. And then externally to the customers and partners that they work with. But then the brand needs to stand out. It needs to have something about it that's special … an element of surprise.
Derek Sussner, Sussner, Founder/Creative

Transforming the Workspace

Archetype made the bold move of integrating brand messaging into its office spaces. Conference rooms were adorned with branding elements highlighting key attributes like curiosity, kindness, flexibility, and confidence. The company’s core values were prominently displayed throughout the workspace, creating a dynamic and immersive atmosphere that embodied their brand identity.

Archetype invested in a new website that fully embraced their refreshed brand identity. The website features a section dedicated to team members, who are now grouped into teams aligned with their roles, fostering a more cohesive and unified work environment.

A Continuous Journey

Archetype now integrates their core values into the hiring process. Careful evaluation ensures that candidates align with their mission, values, and culture. This cultural shift has resulted in employees who resonate with these values, further strengthening the success of the rebrand.

Archetype’s rebranding journey is an ongoing process that extends beyond the surface level. It signifies a fundamental transformation of their culture, values, and the way they communicate both internally and externally. By involving their employees at every step and fostering unity, Archetype has succeeded in revitalizing its brand and strengthening its identity in the experiential design industry.

People are getting along better, people are working better. People are collaborating a whole lot better … it has increased our work environment tenfold.
Gary Stemler, Archetype, Customer Success Team

“Archetype has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. Our new branding is a reflection of the philosophies that have made us an impactful partner to our clients” says Gary Stemler, Archetype, Customer Success Team, “we are excited about our next chapter and inspired to help leave distinctive marks on the world.”

Archetype’s experience offers a valuable case study for companies looking to embark on a rebranding journey that goes beyond the surface level. It demonstrates the importance of unity, collaboration, and trust in achieving a successful rebrand and how a refreshed brand can energize a company’s culture and drive growth.

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