A New Chapter for Cloud Gehshan Design

It is with a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation that Cloud Gehshan Design announces the transition of our company founders, Jerome Cloud and Virginia Gehshan, from active principals to an advisory role for the firm.

Over 37 years, Jerome and Virginia have built Cloud Gehshan Design into a nationally prominent experiential design firm with a reputation for imaginative, innovative and award-winning design solutions. Their pioneering work in placebranding, storytelling and wayfinding strategies, with the unique support of environmental psychology, has benefited hundreds of clients and public spaces.

“Our responsibility as designers has been to create positive experiences for people through design. We have been fueled by empathy, curiosity and thoughtful problem solving. Our goal has been to create a company and culture where everyone — designers and clients — can work together to create engaging and rewarding experiences for people.”
– Jerome Cloud and Virginia Gehshan

Company ownership has been transferred to longtime principals Ian Goldberg and Matt Cavalier, who will continue to strive for ingenious and effective solutions for the natural and built environments. Their leadership, along with Jerome and Virginia’s advisement and a talented multi-disciplinary team, is shaping an exciting next chapter for Cloud Gehshan Design.