Libbie Mill Library

Finalist 2017

For more than 400 years, Henrico County, Virginia, has been defined by the independent spirit of its people. From Pocahontas to explorer Richard Byrd, Henricoans have always taken risks and embraced new ideas, impacting the world far beyond county lines. When Henrico began work on its new public library, it wanted to find a dynamic, interactive way to celebrate the past inside its walls. Second Story made their dream a reality, creating a community destination that envelops and transports citizens through layers of hidden history all around. For a place so proud of its legacy  of pioneering ideas, Second Story knew they could think outside the box (or, in this case, the traditional kiosk or media wall). But they also had to consider the crucial role this library would play in its community as a place to gather, connect, learn and share knowledge. Designing for a space for visitors of all ages and backgrounds, it was crucial for Second Story to balance the desire to push the envelope with the need to serve everyone. The final design solution reflects Henrico’s legendary independent spirit while ensuring users will feel connected to, rather than isolated from, the rest of the library while they’re exploring. A semicircular steel sculpture with seven integrated displays elegantly frames an interactive table. Stepping inside, visitors explore powerful first-person narratives that remind them that history is made by ordinary people, just like them. The installation sheds light on visitors’ shared past, connects historical stories to real places they see every day, and inspires the citizens of the county to help shape their collective future.

Design Firms: 

Second Story, part of Publicis


Libbie Mill Library

Project Area: 

100 sq ft

Open Date: 

October 2015

Photo Credits: 

Second Story

Design Team: 

David Waingarten (Creative Lead), Don Davies (Technical Lead), Jennifer Dolan (Production Lead), Matt Arnold (Senior Engineering Specialist), Nora Bauman (Senior Content Strategist), Swanny Mouton (Art Director), David Brewer (Senior Backend Systems Specialist), Philippe Laulheret (Technologist), Jeremy Rotsztain (Senior Technologist), Sarah Schulte (Senior Visual Designer), Kirsten Southwell (Experience Designer), Jordan Tull (Senior Environmental Designer)



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