Gore Capabilities Center

Finalist 2020

W.L. Gore & Associates’ new Capabilities Center is a comprehensive and interactive spatial and interpretive experience at the company’s Newark, Delaware location. We created a world-class interactive workplace experience to share Gore’s rich history, capabilities, culture, and commitment to innovation with their partners, customers, and visitors.

The Capabilities Center includes interactive experiences including an Immersive Corridor, Advanced Materials Spiral, and Product Wall — all illustrating Gore & Associates’ dedication to improving lives throughout the world.

The Immersive Corridor acts as an introduction to design themes that recur throughout the entire Capabilities Center. Visitors’ first impression of the Capabilities Center is through this sculptural corridor, featuring integrated, motion-triggered lighting elements, leading into the large central exhibition space.

At the heart of the Capabilities Center is the Advanced Materials Spiral, an immersive theater space offering visitors a hands-on experience with Gore product samples. Including dynamic multi-directional sound and lighting, a curved projection screen, and retractable mesh panels, this space is designed to accommodate group events.

Outside of the Advanced Materials Spiral lies the Product Wall. This wall features a floor-to-ceiling display of seventy product samples ranging from apparel to aerospace, helping visitors visualize the impact and scope of Gore’s work. The Product Wall identifies each industry with capacitive text that, when touched, activates light trails to related products, creating a dynamic, interactive visitor experience.

In addition to the Immersive Corridor, Advanced Materials Spiral, and Product wall, a suite of immersive experiences within Capabilities Center highlights Gore & Associates’ commitment to their company’s history and culture. In the entry and lobby, we produced an assortment of videos combining video portraiture, traditional photography, and motion graphics to capture the distinct personalities of Gore Associates and help visitors feel a connection to the people behind the products.

Design Firms: 



W.L. Gore & Associates

Project Area: 

5,000 sq ft

Open Date: 

December 2019

Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Dan King

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