Garangula Gallery Facade

Merit Award 2015

Renowned architecture practice Fender Katsalidis Mirams (FKM) Architects approached THERE to help with placemaking for a private art gallery located on a 50,000-hectare estate near Canberra.

Drawing inspiration from the provenance of the recycled timber used on the building’s façade, THERE’s interpretive design captures the winding bends of the Pine River at dramatic scale across a series of bladed timber panels. The timber was sourced from the Hornibrook Bridge, a crossing of the Pine River that was demolished in 2011. THERE’S design pays homage to this heritage in an innovative, contemporary manner, complementing the overall architectural intent.

By playing with extruded sections that created shadow and depth, THERE was able to add an intriguing effect to the facade that responds to the site, the architecture, and the building’s materiality. THERE is currently working with the private client on creating a gallery identity that will be seen across various branded items.

Jury Comments: 

“The architectural objective strikes a perfect balance here between an active graphic concept and functional form. The reference to the river is perfectly abstracted and the flowing effect is driven by the movement of the sun over time. We were taken by the graphic nature of this primarily architectural project.”

“The animation of the façade utilizing simple, indigenous materials turns architecture into a storytelling medium. Pushing various lengths of pine slats through the fence-like façade allows the sun, as it progresses across the sky, to generate changing patterns that reflect the site’s relationship to the Pine River. An elegant, sophisticated solution.”

“The jury appreciated the multidisciplinary aspect of this project and the way the graphic elements are integrated with the architecture creates a strong impact. The abstract visualization of the river brings an extra and interesting layer to the idea.”

Design Firm: 



Fender Katsalidis Mirams (FKM) Architects

Location City: 


Project Area: 


Open Date: 


Photo Credits: 

John Gollings

Design Team: 

Jon Zhu (designer), Simon Hancock (creative director), Paul Tabouré (ECD)




Fender Katsalidas Mirams (FKM Architects) & Interior Constructions

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