Flavia Sparacino

Falvia Sparacino, Sensing Places LLC
Santa Monica, CA

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Sensing Places, Santa Monica, Calif.
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Flavia Sparacino is an MIT Media Lab PhD, a prolific inventor, and founder and CEO of Sensing Places LLC. MIT granted Flavia Sparacino 13 technology licenses for her inventions, the highest number of intellectual property licenses that MIT has ever awarded after Amar Bose. Her work on gesture control and body-driven dance, music, and gaming applications came 12 years before the launch of Microsoft Kinect and five years before Spielberg’s Minority Report movie was released (as documented by the Discovery Channel feature on her work). She also built wearable computers and sensors for use in museums and performance spaces almost 10 years before the launch of Google Glasses. At MIT she also created a variety of other inventions including a 3D web browser modeled as a city (City of News) and pioneering machine learning techniques for user behavior modeling to personalize content delivery as a function of people’s estimated interests and preferences gathered from their sensor-measured actions, called sto(ry)chastics.

With an international portfolio of work that has transformed architecture, advertising and entertainment projects into engaging interactive stories, the international press has taken notice with features in The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Discovery Channel, France’s Arte, and Japan’s NHK television. Flavia has also lectured at The Louvre Museum in Paris, the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, and at prestigious universities.

Since 2002, Flavia Sparacino and her design and engineering team at Sensing Places has been developing everything from mobile apps to media walls to showrooms and giant billboards stories high. Working closely with clients to develop strategic, creative, and highly technical solutions for specific goals, Sensing Places tailors every project to maximize user engagement with experiences involving innovative responsive design, gestural interaction, multi-touch surfaces, machine learning, and location-based and context-aware mobile development.

View more of Flavia Sparacino's work at Sensing Places LLC. Connect with Flavia on LinkedIn.

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