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“We believe in the possibility and potential of every project to become a place that people love to be.”

RSM Design works at the intersection of architecture and graphic design, creating places that come alive with energy, functionality and personality. Our tools are branding, graphics, signage, art and a deep-rooted desire to create a memory and influence an experience for the guest, visitor, tenant or resident. When our designs impacts space – we evoke emotion, engagement and loyalty.

“A project’s identity is shaped by the people who move through it.”

Since 1997 RSM has collaborated with architects, developers and community planners on some of the most successful and influential projects around the world. With a strong foundation in the disciplines of architecture and the built environment, our creative team has brought new ideas and a different style to the fast-growing field of environmental graphic design.

RSM takes a holistic approach to every project, using our own interactive process to produce results.

Value of Vision
Attracting, engaging, and compelling people to seek out a place are indicators of a successful project. In a fast paced world where technology reins king and options are plenty, people still seek out spaces and places that simply make them feel good. We are advocates for our clients, enabling their vision, through the delivery of ideas that impact the physical potential of an experience that transforms a project into place.

Human Centered Design
RSM Design places human needs at the center of the design process. We love places that love us back and we return to those locales again and again. Connecting people to place involves wayfinding, placemaking and little spark of something memorable that our clients and guests are delighted by.

An Interactive Process
We don’t have a formula. We don’t do cookie-cutter. We listen. We learn. We experience. We encourage curios exploration. We love our clients to be our teammates and treat our teammates like they are our clients. No ego. No drama. In order to solve a problem, we need to be inspired by one another’s contribution.

Seek and Find
We believe that better questions lead to better answers. The more we listen, the more we understand. The more we understand the better the solution.

Explore a New Way
A familiar path provides a sense certainty that we are headed in the right direction. However, what we experience on that path can transform a mundane trip into a discovery. We believe that a well-crafted blend of certainty and delight along a predictable path is elemental to arrive at a successful design.

Tangible Results
People are our mark of success. We strive to make a connection – whether from point A to point B or from the predictable to the unexpected. We aim to make an impression that is both lasting and remarkable. We are creators of possibilities and aim to leave spaces better than when we found them. We are addicted to the “WOW” factor in moments and love creating them in everything we do.

Then and Now‚
RSM Design was founded in 1997 and has worked for 20 years on over 1000 projects located in 38 different states and 40 countries around the globe.

From wayfinding to placemaking, we are a creative team of graphic designers, industrial designers, architects, urban planners and story-tellers who have one thing in common, we love creating spaces that people love.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Placemaking, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Destination Experiences, Graphic, Signage, Smart Cities


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Museums, Recreation, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Urban + Civic, Workplace

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