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Our History:
Our story is one of a father and son starting from nothing in 1997, to become one of the leading wholesale manufacturers of illuminated graphic systems in Europe, relentlessly pushing the possibilities of experiential graphic design in collaboration with the University of Sarajevo.

Expansion and New Facility:
Provis reinvests its earnings into prioritizing the acquisition of property, plant, and equipment to continue to scale up to meet market demand. In 2007, the planned renovation of newly acquired buildings was completed, including inspirational office spaces for our project management, design, and engineering teams.

New Product Development:
Provis advances the design standards for low-profile trim-less letters, including LaserLetter™ (cast acrylic letters with embedded LEDs with letter strokes as narrow as 2mm) and TrueTrimless™ (fabricated aluminum returns with trim-less illuminated acrylic face flush to letter returns), which quickly grow in popularity in Western European markets.

Provis becomes the preferred wholesale fabricator of illuminated in-store display signage for the Cartier brand in Barcelona, New York, Moscow, and Dubai, among other flagship retail locations around the world. This multiple-country program experience allows Provis to fully integrate its enterprise resource planning (ERP) optimization systems with its project management and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, ensuring program dates are always met on time, every time.

New Production Center:
Provis breaks ground on construction of a new state-of-the-art production facility that adds 10,000 square feet to its production capacity. Every consideration is given to design and equipment layout to optimize production flow and manufacturing output following Lean manufacturing principles. Provis adds powder coating capability to its existing in-house coating capabilities.

New Programs:
A big growth year: Provis was awarded many new contracts for multiple-country signage rollouts, for brands including Samsung, Oracle, Adidas, Estee Lauder, and Sparkasse Bank, among many others.

North America Launch:
Provis d.o.o-the European LED sign manufacturer-established an USA-incorporated company to support Provis Graphic partners in North America. Provis Graphic LLC formed its base of operations in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a hub for the retail design and fabrication industry. In Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, and now the US, Provis Graphic leverages its strategic relationships with dedicated suppliers, research and development partners, experiential graphic designers, and sign fabricator-installers, to maximize architectural design possibilities for the world.

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