Peregrine OKB

Firm Details

We have the experience to adapt and communicate with clients and partners in their chosen platforms and deliverables. We don’t push our own technology techniques and solutions on your project; we become adept at your disciplines and solutions to support you. Our design and project management philosophy always considers future capacity and expansion planning. Even when value engineering removes major features from a given systems design, we pursue leaving an upgrade/expansion path that doesn’t back the system into a cul-de-sac of obsolescence

Design Consulting
• (B2B/P2P Direct for Stakeholders or an outsourced extension to agencies/providers)
• Narrative and CAD/3D Previsualization
• Experiential and Immersive Space Conception
• Existing Capital Inventory and Technology Review and Valuation
• Activated Live and Online Event Conception/Programming/Technical Producing

Technology Design Engineering
• Systems Design Engineering and Specification
• Feature Prototyping

Project Management
• Concept Vetting & “Red Cell” Analytics of Capital Projects
• RFP/Bid Management
• Project Installation Management (Vendor and Process)
• Event Technical Management

Target Sectors
• Museum/Exhibition
• Themed Entertainment
• Corporate and Entertainment Events
• Educational Simulation (EDSIM)
• Smart City and Institutional Command and Control Centers

The Culture:

FIRST | “Put the Analog back into digital!”“
PEOPLE are the first factor, always at the heart of any experiential design intent.

SECOND | “First comes people, then comes PROCESS, then comes the technology”
A rational value-based PROCESS that delivers true value for the entire lifespan of a project, not the just the “new and shiny” moment.

THIRD | “Practice Evolution, Not Disruption!”
The application of TECHNOLOGY should always be the practical magic that evolves, not disrupts, progress for your ventures and adventures. Always ask “why,” and especially “does reinventing the wheel really move anything forward?”

Our Pedigree
50+ combined years of high-end, high-touch technology events and installations globally. Our clients run the gamut from small businesses looking for an outsourced design department to agencies with “no-fail” projects, to Fortune 500 and leading Global Academic institutions, that need design guidance and support.

• American Alliance of Museums
• SEGD (Society of Experiential Graphic Design), sponsor & Technical Advisor
• Dent the Future (Futurist Organization) Advisory Board Member
• Consortium Partners (National Technology Industry Association) Member, Trusted Advisor

Why OKB?
“OKB” is a “design/engineering” bureau designator, used as a nod to the design/build community of the Eastern Block in the latter 20th century. While we unashamedly owe our best practices and culture to the likes of Kelly Johnson and the Lockheed SkunkworksTM teams of lore, we also celebrate their peers who had succeeded with much less support and resources. Relying on pure design and practical engineering skills, those proud craftsmen created some of the most efficient and lasting designs ever created.

Certifications: Avixa CTS I & D, CMP