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Mad Systems is an award-winning audiovisual/interactive consultancy, design and integration company specializing in exhibits for museums, visitor centers, briefing centers and theme parks. We are a majority woman-owned business that uses creative technology to develop long-lasting and easy-to-maintain systems. Mad implements the latest technology using non-proprietary equipment whenever possible.

Mad provides a full range of traditional audiovisual solutions from video displays to interactive computer systems. We also offer our QuickSilver® family of unique and game-changing AV++™ solutions, which reduce infrastructure and increase longevity. QuickSilver® is an affordable, flexible and comprehensive 21st Century AV system comprising all that is needed for your AV solutions, based on non-proprietary, long term supported hardware. The system is designed to allow for personalized media delivery, and advanced ADA support. Whether we’re implementing traditional AV solutions or our own technologies, Mad exceeds clients’ expectations – without exceeding their budgets.

Our ingenuity, expertise, and capabilities are second to none. Our extraordinary toolkit goes well beyond the needs of basic AV and includes a fully equipped media studio, and a metal workshop with a waterjet cutter, laser and a range of 3D printers that allow us to create electro-mechanical interactives.

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