D|G Studios

Firm Details

D|G Studios, Inc. is a Graphic Design firm with extensive experience providing comprehensive Signage/Wayfinding and Exhibit/Interpretative Design services. Headquartered in Houston, D|G also has an office in Alexandria, Virginia. D|G provides integrated, multi-disciplined Graphic Design services that allow our clients to communicate within the built environment. We create systems that make our world more accessible and understandable and connect people to the built environment. Our designers bridge the disciplines of Graphic Design and Architecture to communicate through design solutions that inspire, engage and enhance the built environment.

D|G Studios started in 1987 as Douglas Harding Group. After a number of years as Douglas|Gallagher and then as The Douglas|Group, D|G Studios emerged in 2011 under the leadership of Lee Jones, SEGD. One of the greatest strengths of D|G Studios is the depth of experience of the designers and the length of time that the staff has worked together. Key members of the management and design staffs have worked for the firm for over 10, 15 and even 24 out of the 28 years the firm has existed.

While our clients include a diverse group of corporations and institutions, both large and small, they all share a common need: to communicate with an ever-more diverse audience. Whether the goal of the message is to move people from one point to another or to educate, inform and engage them, our clients’ need to communicate brings them to us. The design staff at D|G Studios creates innovative environmental graphic and exhibit design solutions by utilizing a collaborative process founded upon our client’s economic reality.

At the foundation of our project approach is an understanding of our client’s stated goals and objectives. It is our task to assist them in organizing the work and determining the best approach to the assignment while staying on budget and schedule. , We are communicators in the built environment creating experiences that connect people to places and events.

Contact Lee Jones at 713-961-3311 or ljones@dg-studios.com for more information.