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Design and Production Incorporated (D&P) is a full-service exhibit company located in Lorton, Virginia, thirty minutes south of Washington, DC. With a permanent staff of 115 employees and a modern 150,000 square foot production facility, D&P specializes in engineering, fabricating, and installing custom exhibitry, graphics, gallery lighting, and media systems for museums and visitor centers throughout the United States and abroad.

D&P has the in-house capacity to meet nearly any challenge and, when necessary, the management capacity to handle large numbers of subcontractors, specialists, and artisans. We have long-standing relationships with a wide range of specialty vendors who can provide the materials, artistic touches, or mechanical expertise needed to bring any exhibit to life.

Responding to the past 70+ years of development in the museum field, D&P has progressed from creating simple, straightforward exhibits to producing large-scale, immersive environments incorporating the latest in modern materials and cutting-edge technical systems. Through our evolutionary experience, D&P has developed an in-depth understanding of the complex needs of our museum clients and the independent exhibition design firms that create our world-class projects.

Contact Name: Duncan R. Millar
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Telephone number: 703-550-8640

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