2024 SEGDVoices: Enhancing Your Membership Experience – Part 2

Jan 25, 2024
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SEGD – Enhancing Your Membership Experience – Part 2

Enhancing Your Membership – Part 2 builds upon our previous session, which explored the basic settings of our new platform.

This session’s topics will include:

  • Settings, payments and privacy
  • How to access saved posts
  • Membership account details
  • Event Navigation
  • Accessing Event Invoices
  • How to interact within the Event Community

Transitioning to a new platform can be a journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Your success is our priority.

About SEGD Glue Up

Launched in conjunction with our new website during our 2023 SEGD Conference Experience Washington DC, this new platform offers seamless access through both desktop and a convenient mobile app, allowing you to stay updated on the latest events and happenings.

About SEGDVoices: Enhancing your Membership Experience Series

Included with your SEGD Membership, this series of training sessions will showcase the networking and community-building tools available in our new membership platform, along with tips and tricks to enhance your membership experience.

This webinar series will walk you through the benefits, tools and tips of our SEGD Membership Platform Glue Up, building upon content shared in the previous session.