2024 SEGD Tools: Media Architecture

Jul 11, 2024
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Join us on Tuesday, June 11, 2024 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET for our SEGD Tools webinar focused on Media Architecture – Creative Technologies for Digital Placemaking and Design of Immersive Experiences, presented by Dana Michaelis, Director, Corporate Development with Nanolumens.

Creative technologies, specifically large-format direct-view LED display technology, is utilized by architects Worldwide as a compelling visual medium for the creation of engaging, inspiring, socially connected, and compelling environments. Variations of this technology may be used for indoor or outdoor applications in use cases ranging from small-format signage to building-scale media facades.

This seminar will specifically cover:

  • Digital experiences in corporate briefing centers
  • Flagship retail
  • Video activations of glass curtain walls in mixed-use developments
  • Iconic large-format public art canvases
  • Immersive sculptural “digital placemaking” installations in transportation hub facilities.

HSW (Health Safety Welfare) Justification:

  • Thoughtful design integration of dynamic large-format visualization = opportunity for placemaking and the promotion of physical, emotional and social wellbeing.
  • Digital art in public places promotes a sense of community, encouraging social interaction and defining the human experience

This webinar is free for SEGD Members with advanced registration, and just $50 USD for all other participants. Register today!