Erin Delahunty

Erin Delahunty is a student at North Carolina State University
Valparaiso, Indiana

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Erin Delahunty is a rising junior pursuing a major in Design Studies with a concentration in Business Administration at North Carolina State University. During her two years at State she has maintained a position on the deans list and plans to graduate summa cum laude. Within this major, she is learning not only the technical aspects of design, but the art of design thinking, design listening and learning to think about the world from the perspective of the user.

As she heard in a recent Ted Talk, “Good design can make people feel seen and respected”. For her, creating experiences goes beyond a singular moment, but infiltrates every interaction someone has with the most basic, mundane activities. Design should accommodate, not dictate. Beyond this, Erin is passionate about sustainability, research, diversity (in the broadest sense of the word) and first and foremost, being a good listener.

At NC State, Erin Delahunty is heavily involved in the Art2Wear fashion show, where she is part of a team of photographers for the student-initiated event. She has been involved in campus diversity programs, as well as, the school’s triathlon club and French club. While on campus, Erin works at the design library, helping students research their own projects. She also works as a Design Ambassador within her college to mentor younger students on navigating everything from finding meal plan to knowing what printers work best at 3am when their project is due at 8am. In the Spring of 2017, Erin participated in study abroad program in Nice, France, which has added (Correction: shattered her one-dimensional view of design and added…) an international perspective to her ideas on design and people.

Erin Delahunty has interned at companies like, Multiple, Inc. and Aion Solutions, where she has been able to broadly expand her technical skills in Adobe programs, while also getting a better sense of the business of design. In November of 2017, Erin started her own company, by the name of Buasío. This side-project has been everything from an outlet for her creative sense to a collective ideal built upon her own thoughts and beliefs on design.

As she continues to learn about design, she hopes to work in environments that promote the importance or experience and empathy in design. She wants to work with people that push her to new ways thinking and understanding what she (thinks) she knows about design. After school, she plans to find this amazing group of designers and use everything she has learned to be a part of much larger effort to make the world a better design (hopefully more understanding) place.

Connect with Erin Delahunty on LinkedIn.

See her work at Buasío.

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