Concord Mills

Merit Award

Concord Mills is a 1.4-million-square-foot retail and entertainment center by the Mills Corporation. The design concept is based on regional imagery, celebrating North Carolina's crafts, festivals, nature, music, sports and traditions. One major design challenge was keeping the overall design concept in place while the building was constantly evolving as new tenants were added. In addition, maintaining design integrity through fabrication and installation was a challenge given the short timeframe and the multitude of construction people working simultaneously on the project. Both of these challenges required frequent visits to the site for coordination, trouble shooting and art-direction. Concord Mills is successful because of the strong design concept that created a genuine, memorable retail experience in which people feel connected and entertained.

Jury Comments: 

"The jury admired the creativity behind this effort to visually enrich the ubiquitous American shopping mall. The jury particularly found the scale of the icons used to establish neighborhoods within the retail mall successful. For each zone within the center the designs were original and highly memorable. This is a beautifully detailed and crafted effort that worked equally well in daylight and under the artificial lighting in the evening. It is a very handsome answer to a most difficult problem."

Design Firm: 

Kiku Obata & Company


The Mills Corporation

Location City: 

Concord, North Carolina

Project Area: 

1.4 million sq. ft.

Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Jon Miller

Design Team: 

Kiku Obata (Principal in Charge), Jennifer Baldwin, Kevin Flynn, Denise Fuehne, Nikki Hite, Dennis Hyland, Carole Jerome, Teresa Norton-Young, Gen Obata, Jeff Rifkin, Kathleen Robert, John Scheffel




Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc., Modewords, Lexington Scenery & Props, Lockwood Sign Group, Three Point Design, David Allen Company, Jon Richards Company, Benchmark Design Group, M&S Graphics

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