CIVIQ Smartscapes

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Intelligent solutions connecting communities.
For over a decade CIVIQ Smartscapes has been driving the innovation of ruggedized display structures to help make environments safer, more efficient and more dynamic. Now we’re pioneering a new generation of product — smarter and more connected media solutions for Smart Cities and Digital-Out-Of-Home networks.

We engineer and manufacture smart structures.
CIVIQ Smartscapes designs and deploy high-performance public structures that integrate WiFi, mobile LTE and smart sensor technologies. They’re designed to work together to create a seamless WiFi hotspot that spans large corridors of a city, while the built-in sensors provide valuable data cities need for monitoring traffic, weather, and air pollution. Charging stations let pedestrians power devices on the go.

Now almost any environment can be more connected.
Our products are purpose-built to the environment and can be based off an existing solution or customized to accommodate a specific need. The financial model is equally customizable, with financing available through advertising, sponsorships and other non-tax revenue streams.

Turn-key design and management services.
CIVIQ Smartscapes manages all aspects of the solution including hardware, while partnering with industry leaders on the seamless integration of software, advertising media and broadband internet. Together, with our partners, we provide a broad menu of complementary services for Smart City infrastructure programs.
We transform urban landscapes into dynamic Smartscapes.

Our solutions can be configured in a variety of ways to transform the modern city into a smarter and more connected Smartscape. A group of the same-kind structures, or a mix of all our structures, work in unison to create a seamlessly connected environment. In any configuration, essential city services like 911 and 311 are made more accessible, while smart sensors monitor traffic, weather, and air pollution, and provide early earthquake and fire detection.

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