Bloomberg Washington DC News / Media Office Workplace Branding

Finalist 2017

Bloomberg is upgrading many of it global offices to the perfect intersection between the Bloomberg brand and the specific location—including the architecture of the space, the journalistic activities happening there and then the backdrop of the location.

Bloomberg’s DC Office is a hub where journalism, politics and finance come together. Specific applications run the gamut from permanent to dynamic, both in content and materiality. The entire text of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is carved into marble circling the entire perimeter of the main floor, symbolically protecting all the journalists that work within. The conference rooms are named after government agencies and departments (such as Justice); the larger meeting rooms are named after larger government bodies (such as the Cabinet). The conference room distraction banding is a range of quotes relating to the conference room names, but is constructed as Reed Kellogg sentence diagrams that notate grammar. The large mural on the glass above the open stairwell between floors is a visual expression of “Time is Money”—a world map with time zones and each country rendered in its corresponding currency sign. In each of the elevator thresholds are various Venn diagram interpretations of what Bloomberg does as a company: Journalism-Politics-Finance, for example. The media walls that greet visitors at the entrance are the dynamic yang to the permanent First Amendment perimeter yin. These are programmed with content that is constantly changing—currency rates, stock indices, weather, news headlines and information about Bloomberg’s history and philanthropy programs.

The employees who work there love the nods to their work in all the system elements but they are especially appreciative of the symbolic freight the First Amendment perimeter has. The client also remarked that this project “lets us validate the work to Bloomberg leadership and is constantly one of the focal points when advocating for what the Bloomberg architecture group does.”

Design Firms: 

Volume Inc



Project Area: 

40,000 sq ft

Open Date: 

June 2016

Photo Credits: 

Prakash Patel

Design Team: 

Adam Brodsley (Creative Director), Eric Heiman (Creative Director), Eric Heiman (Design Lead), Bryan Bindloss (Design Lead), Emanuela Frattini Magnusson (Design Lead, Bloomberg), Jon Hioki (Design), Erin Kemp (Project Management), Alexandra Schardt (Project Management), RG Kahoe (Project Management, Bloomberg)


Teleciné (media wall programming)


Gelberg Signs (wayfinding), Dillon Works (world map and Venn diagrams)

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