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Finalist 2020

Second-year Environmental Design students, at Tongji University in Shanghai, China, were tasked with redesigning an empty roof terrace with the goal of creating a new social landmark for the campus.

In order to create an active and vibrant atmosphere on the rooftop, colorful shipping palettes were placed in locations that activated the space, cartoon-like portraits of professors were applied to existing glass partitions, and slogans from Tongji Design Week were applied as floor graphics. Given that students were forced to work with a limited budget of $900 and a time constraint of 7 weeks, the resulting space is truly an impressive accomplishment.

The activated rooftop was completed on time and under budget and has proven to become a popular place for students and the entire Tongji University Community at large.

Design Firms: 

Tongji University


College of Design & Innovation

Project Area: 

90 square meters

Open Date: 

December 2019

Project Budget: 

$900 USD

Photo Credits: 

Tongji University

Design Team: 

Yin Shi, Duan Wu, Yuyun Liu, Jiaqing Wu (tutor); Haomiao Wu, Jingyao Wu, Wenxuan Zhou, Yi Ding, Zixin Ren, Zitian Huang (designer)

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