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Yaqi Zhang

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Zhang Yaqi is a post-graduate student of Media and Communication Design, Tongji-Sino Typo Chinese Information and Typography Design Lab. (College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai.)She has a Bachelor of Visual and Communication Design from Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art. She got the champion grade be recommended to Tongji University. Last year she studied Interior design at Politecnico di Milano for double Degree Exchange Program.

Zhang Yaqi has been an internship at BBDO(Shanghai), participate in creative and visual design for 3M purification aquatic products. She has participated in 7 companies of the actual project during the undergraduate period, In her seven-year career, she has worked on a board range of projects including Branding Identity design, book design, environmental graphics and Event Design.

When she at Tongji University, Zhang Yaqi was the participant in relevant design work actively, such as Tongji Design Week, Weiginart Typography China Touring Exhibition Design, Shanghai Urban Space Art Season Workshop Design. Furthermore, she has been the project manager and Graphic Designer of Branding Identity System Design for the government project, Shanghai Children's Library.

As a student and researcher, her research mainly focused on communication design and environmental experience design. So she comes to here for keen desire to learn new knowledge about EGD/XGD.

Volunteer Activities
Photography Assistant/
Watchtower of China Shooting team, 2015.7-8
Working with DirectorLeonadoro Dalessandri who was famous for the film of Watchtower of Turkey on Vimeo.com

Promotion Ambassador/
GDC (Graphic Design in China) 2017 Tongji University, 2017.9

Exhibition Guide Assistant/
2017 Milan Design Week, Italy 2017.4

Exhibition Guide Assistant/
Shanghai K11 Art Space, 2014.3-12

Excellent Volunteer/
Shanghai MIDI Music Festival, 2012.10

XIAMI.com Music Network Volunteer/
Shanghai Yangtze River MIDI Music Festival, 2014.10

View more of Zhang Yaqi's work on her portfolio website. Connect with Yaqi on Behance,LinkedIn,and Facebook.

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