ZGF Collaboration Cameo No.3 at NYCxDesign

Cameo No.3 Installation at NYCxDesign

Building on its reputation as a nationally recognized, award-winning architecture, design and urban planning firm, a project designed and fabricated by ZGF Architects LLP’s (ZGF) in-house model shop—located in its Portland, Ore. office—is on display this weekend in New York City.

Interactive sculptural lighting installation Cameo No.3 is being featured at the Design Pavilion™ in Times Square May 18th-22nd as part of DuPont’s Corian® display during NYCxDesign, the city’s official design celebration.

Cameo No.3 represents the intersection of music, touch, light and social interaction, where sound exploration becomes the genesis of art. The piece transforms DuPont’s Corian® material into a soft and atmospheric sculpture that allows a play of LED-driven light to glow through, while a multi-zoned sound system plays music through the piece via three touch-activated podiums so that individuals can conduct their experience by way of music and light.

This unforgettable sensory exploration, which originally appeared at the Portland Winter Light Festival, was designed by ZGF in collaboration with Corian® and Portland, Oregon-based creative and technology firms Piano Push Play, dotdotdash and Uncorked Studios. Cameo No.3’s team is united by the notion of blending advanced materials and technology with nature, warmth and human touch—and making their work accessible to all.

More info on Cameo No.3 at the Design Pavilionsite.

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