Yuexin Huo

Yuexin Huo
Providence, RI

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Yuexin Huo was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Within a family full of engineers, he was aware of the importance of systems in our lives. However, he chose a design career later and is currently pursuing BFA in Rhode Island School of Design under the graphic design discipline. The great environment in art and design in RISD made him appreciate, think, and reflect about systems of effectively delivering messages and information to people.

Yuexin Huo's earlier experience in engineering brought him sensitivities in data metrics and system building, and he found them equally fascinating in the design disciplines, especially in information design. He is very impressed by the power of graphs in terms of visualizing data, as they provide much more intuitive information compared to plain figures. Besides this, he also loves exploring and designing typefaces. Yuexin is always delighted to see how different qualities can different variations in letterforms bring us. Since these topics are all quite deep, he still needs to learn a lot.

Since Yuexin Huo is still in a very early stage in his future career, he doesn't have any big accomplishments in the design industry besides a few awards. He would continue to explore in areas he loves and try to contribute to related industries. For now, Yuexin has to learn as much as he can in all the disciplines he loves. It is still too early to say if has any identities as a designer, but eventually grown matured and have his answers.

View more of Yuexin Huo's work on his portfolio site.Connect with Yuexin on Behance.

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