Your Map to SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event [April 14-15 in Miami]

Where can you discover the latest apps and digital signage technologies being used in airports? And learn how human factors research should be informing your next healthcare project? And see the latest in wayfinding/branded environments hybrids in workplaces? You’ll want to find your way to Miami April 14-15 for SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event! Here’s your map.

SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event is designed specifically to address wayfinding in transportation, healthcare, college and workplace environments. We’ve mapped out what you’ll learn and take home to apply to your next project!

>>Wayfinding for an international gateway project, including multilingual signage; integrating digital and static signage; wayfinding apps; airside/landside connections

Planning and Designing an International Gateway Airport

with Richard Garcia (Miami-Dade Aviation) and Joe Labozan (Labozan Associates)

PLUS a tour of Miami International’s new wayfinding!

>>How visual, verbal and virtual elements can be combined to create great wayfinding; the friendly face factor; sign orientation and why it counts; the importance of the digital layer; and the “Heathrow Effect” of airport websites

The Three V’s of Visual Communication for Transportation Environments

with Jim Harding, Gresham Smith and Partners

>>How human factors research and analysis should be integrated into your next project; how digital technology is impacting healthcare environments; challenges to user-centered wayfinding; and why empathy is the best wayfinding tool

Human Factors and the Foundations for Building a User-Centered Wayfinding Experience

with Virginia Gehshan, FSEGD (Cloud Gehshan Associates, Philadelphia)

>>What sets workplace wayfinding apart; how to find the right balance between functionality and creative branding; trends in workplace and campus wayfinding; and why demographics are so important in workplace wayfinding

Defining Workspace and Educational Spaces for All Ages

with Joe Lawton and Ellen Bean Spurlock (Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates) and Brittney Butler (VMDO)

>> Why has digital technology not really changed wayfinding at all? Why is collaboration so important in wayfinding? And where is the discipline headed?

Finding the Way

with Chris Calori, FSEGD, and David Vanden-Eynden, FSEGD (Calori & Vanden-Eynden / Design Consultants, New York)


It’s a quick flight to Miami! Register for SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event April 14-15 in Miami!

The full-day workshop Thursday, April 14, will be followed by a half-day guided tour of Miami International Airport with airport staff and wayfinding consultants.

See the full workshop agenda here. And get registered today!

Thanks to Miami International Airport/Miami Dade Aviation for hosting the 2016 SEGD Wayfinding Event, presented by Nanov Display Inc. Additional sponsors include 3M, Design Communications Ltd., AGI, Color-Ad Signs and Exhibits, Designtex, Direct Embed Coating Systems LLC, SignComp, Art of Context and SES Branded Environments.

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