2017 Young Designers Portfolio Review

Joining a conference where you don't know the community or for the first time can be daunting. Not at the SEGD conference!

If you are between the ages of 18-34, this summit is for you.

Every year SEGD hosts a Young Designers Session where EGD Firm leaders, SEGD Board members and educators will review your portfolio. Get input from the leaders who will be hiring you. There are round table sessions and discussions so that you can get to meet your peers and have others to talk to throughout the conference. 47% of SEGD members are Millennials, making our membership one of the youngest design associations.



The dress code is business casual, no need to get dressed up for the Portfolio Review. Your portfolios will be reviewed by top designers and SEGD Board Members in the profession. This is invaluable advice from people who are leading your profession.

This year the Young Designers Summit is sponsored by:

  • ISA- International Sign Association
  • Tangram- an Environmental Graphic Design firm in Denver 
  • SNA- one of the largest global suppliers specializing in the manufacture and service of both LED video displays and LED lighting.
  • SignAgent- aims to help the world’s leading wayfinding agencies simplify sign management by helping clients set up, organize and maintain signage and wayfinding systems.
  • Harbinger - a leading signage fabricator who's promise is in their name -- Harbinger, sign of the future.

Interested in presenting your path/progress as a young designer to this group?


Hannah Anderson, Kolar Design

Anna Crider-Sharp, Two Twelve

Graham Hanson, GHD Partners

Lucy Holmes, Holmes Wood

John Lutz, Selbert Perkins Design

Christina Lyons, Fashion Institute of Technology

Mike McCarthy, DCL

Paul McConnell, Intersection

Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye Global

Jonathan Posnett, Two Twelve

Julie Vogel, Kate Keating Associates

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