YOHO Clubhouse Environmental Graphics

Urban + Park = Good Living

One Plus Partnership’s environmental graphics create “green living” for residents of a Hong Kong high-rise.

Residents of YOHO Midtown, one of Hong Kong’s newest luxury high-rises, love urban living but also yearn for a connection to nature—a rare experience in their crowded metropolis.

Commissioned to design the interiors for the complex’s four-story, 37,000-square-foot clubhouse/recreation center, One Plus Partnership (Hong Kong) was committed to giving them what they wanted.

“The target client group of this residential development is young couples who all love green living but still enjoy city life. These two characteristics are extreme opposites but the elements are rich and it was fun to see how they blended together,” say Ajax Law and Virginia Lung, One Plus design directors.

Opened in 2010, YOHO Midtown provides all the luxury amenities you’d expect with multi-million-dollar price tags, including the recreation center complete with banquet rooms, a kitchen classroom with organic garden, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a 24-hour lounge, a reading lounge, a music room, and rooms devoted to basketball, table tennis, and other sports.

The One Plus team was inspired by the concept of “urban+park,” and achieved a sophisticated hybrid of the two with urban-inspired textures and organic materials, forms, and a color scheme of gray and green.

Environmental graphics are integrated with the architecture to create distinctive spaces for each of the functional areas. Floor lobbies feature super-scaled level numbers that rise organically from ribbed wood and concrete-look wall treatments. Walls, floors, and ceilings in the band room are covered in custom carpeting designed to evoke contour maps of mountainous landscapes. On the ceiling of the multipurpose room, a massive city skyline dangles upside down, serving as placemaker and lighting element.

Wayfinding was not a major issue, but the team designed you-are-here maps for visitors, including a map housed in a sculptural, rock-like element that blends with the urban+park theme. 

The nature/urban interplay continues throughout the clubhouse. Green and brown silhouettes of trees mark the walls of the basketball court, while a graphic composition of inlaid wood planks of various colors is featured in the table tennis room. In a party room, a graphic, pixel-inspired textile composition of varying shades is a contemporary translation of the lush, great outdoors.

--By Jocelyn Short, eg magazine No. 02, 2012

Jury comments

"Gorgeous, playful, and elegant all at the same time.”


Client:  Sun Hung Kai Estate Agency Ltd.

Location:  Hong Kong

Budget:  $97 million HKD

Project Area:  37,200 sq. ft.

Open Date:  November 2011

Design:  One Plus Partnership Ltd.

Design Team:  Ajax Law Ling Kit, Virginia Lung design directors

Consultants:  AGC Design Ltd. architect, Light & View Design (HK) Ltd. lighting consultant

Photos:  Ajax Law Ling Kit, Virginia Lung


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