Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang, 张怡
Shenzhen, China

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As the founder and leader of Up Design, Zhang Yi has seen the rapid development of environmental vision and signage design throughout China and the world.

Mr. Zhang and his team at Up Design have achieved an aesthetic presentation of spatial experience from multiple perspectives, such as planar expression, brand dissemination, environmental experience and user demand, which takes Up Design quickly to the top in this field. Up Design has also attracted many outstanding Chinese clients with user-experience thinking and international vision, such as Vanke, China Merchants Bank and Poly Group, with which UP Design has established sound partnership. With singular dedication, Mr.Zhang upholds the principles of wise design, which are reflected in his superb work. He always maintains a stable business friendship with clients.

Mr. Zhang has a special passion for urban renewal. "Light up a city with design" is his belief. This belief represents not only his in-depth understanding of the nature of signage design but also his personal pursuit of diversity in urban development. In addition to addressing problems with his design, Mr. Zhang strives to inspire an appreciation of the space and the city they’re in as well as the life path they’ve experienced. He does sothrough the reinterpretation of such scenarios, and consequently life becomes a more colorful experience. Shenzhen has been a significant influence, too. As the ultramodern city in which Mr. Zhang lives and works, it’s the place where China’s monumental construction investment has encouraged renewal at a stunning pace.

Different regional cultures and local environmental characteristics are fully considered in Mr. Zhang's works, which cover more than 40 Chinese cities and span at least 3,000 kilometers. Mr. Zhang serves as the deputy director at the Design Committee of Shenzhen Sign Industry Association, the nation’s first association of signage providers. He also participated in the making of China's first charging standard for the signage design industry, in a bid to boost the development of signage design in China.

Besides, he collaborated with many top-class design institutions, such as Foster + Partners, Studio Link-Arc, Laguarda.Low Architects (LLA), HMA, SWA, AUBE and KCAP, to name a few. This is a professional model that reflects the mingling of Chinese and international design thinking.


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