Yash Kanitkar

Yash Kanitkar, Iowa State University
Ames, ID

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Yash Kanitkar is a graduate teaching assistant at Iowa State University in the Master of Arts Experiential Graphic Design program, with special focus on wayfinding strategy, digital signage and experiential graphics. He has had a keen interest in EGD even before his completed my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. The transition from engineering to design started in 2012
when he took up an intern position and worked part-time alongside my undergraduate education. Later he gained experience in areas such as design and fabrication of signage and wayfinding systems before pursuing a formal graduate education.

Technology today has made the digital world an inseparable part of our real physical world. Thus good design is becoming an ever critical part of any product or service or technology. As a result Yash Kanitkar believes in being collaborative and open minded while constantly upgrading his skill set.

Apart from work Yash Kanitkar loves to travel and document it through photography. That is from where he draws inspiration for all the story telling that is graphic design. He is a firm believer in the integration of the analogue and the digital mediums for the best of experiences. Games and delicious food are a weakness.

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