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New digital platforms and technologies are emerging and converging at warp speed. Since 2011, Xlab has looked ahead to the future of experience design and provided a platform for continuing dialogue about how design and technology can be used to improve human experiences in physical spaces. It’s an incredibly important conversation—shouldn’t you be a part of it? Register today and be a part of the future at Xlab 2015!

When SEGD debuted Xlab in New York City in 2011, location-based navigation was in its infancy and it was clear that digital technology would radically change how people experience physical spaces. Fast-forward to 2015, and the latest platforms and technologies are converging at warp speed into the physical Internet of Things.

In 2015 many of these new technologies are starting to find useful applications in the environment. But regardless of the technologies emerging at any given time, the idea behind Xlab is still the same: keeping the experience design community up-to-speed on the latest ideas, platforms, technologies, and applications that are shaping the future. At Xlab 2015, thought leaders from powerhouse design and technology firms will gather to showcase new platforms like virtual reality, messaging, wearable technology, beacons, and data are how they're creating place and impacting how people act and interact in the physical environment.

Xlab was conceived as a platform for expanding the dialogue about design, technology, and how they can be combined to improve the human experience. 

“Xlab's founders envisioned bringing designers, technologists, and interaction experts together in a collaborative, provocative, and unconventional format,” notes Justin Molloy, SEGD's Director of Education. 

“We know that while not everyone in the experience design community is working with these hot new technologies right now, they soon will be—and they need to keep up with how their profession is changing.” 

At Xlab 2015—Nov. 5-6 in New York City—panelists from argodesign, Intersection (Control Group), Comark, Stimulant, Adafruit, Bluecadet, Gensler, Snaps, Sensing Places, and ESI Design will showcase the ideas, technologies, and platforms on the cutting edge of experience design.

“We’re really in the Wild West of digital technology, and there are almost no limits on the ideas that can change the future,” says Bryan Meszaros, founder and CEO of digital agency OpenEye Global and Chair of Xlab 2015. "Xlab is the perfect venue for exploring new platforms and illuminating new possibilities for experience design at the city scale as well as in the places where we work, play, and gather.”

From reinventing retail as a personalized, omnichannel conversation with shoppers to showing how beacons and sensors can transform brands in public spaces, Xlab 2015 is organized to inspire, with 5 discovery sessionsthat will illuminate how:

  • Technology, data, and a unique business model will transform NYC into a fully connected, universal WiFi hotspot (Transforming Cities with Mike Clare, Control Group and Brad Gleeson, Comark)
  • Smart spaces will create conversations between people and environments without the friction of an interface (Transforming Public Space with Darren David, Stimulant and Jared Ficklin, argodesign)
  • Mobile technologies are building brands and creating highly customized, user-centric experiences at retail (Transforming Retail with Neil Redding, Gensler; David Kepron, Little; and Joe Karadin, ESI Design)
  • Design thinking and platforms such as beacons and messaging are transforming business (Transforming Business with Flavia Sparacino, Sensing Places; Josh Goldblum, Bluecadet; and Vivian Rosenthal, Snaps)
  • DIY and hacking cultures are shaping fashion and lifestyle through wearable technology (Transforming Wearables with Becky Stern, Adafruit and Terence Caulkins, Arup)

Xlab will return to the SVA Theatre in Manhattan on November 5, followed by an evening event hosted by the SEGD New York chapter. For the first time, Xlab will include project tours and studio visits around Manhattan on the morning of Friday, November 6.

In 2014, 360 designers, technologists, and thinkers gathered for Xlab. 2015 seating capacity for 2015 is limited, so early registration is highly recommended!

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