Xlab, Leviathan and Empowering Experiential Content


President Chad Hutsonand senior producer Ellen Schoplerof Leviathan (Chicago) are uniting digital technology, real-time data and the physical environment in ever-changing, increasingly delightful ways, providing their clients and the communities in which they reside an amplified experience of brand identity, engaging narrative content and sheer beauty. In New York City on Friday, October 28, they'll lead a session at Xlab 2016 to tell you how they do it—and show you that you can do it, too.

Leviathan is responsible for immersive digital+physical+media projects like the intuitive touch interface and large-format content installation at the new Airbus Experience Center; an iPad-enabled, guest-movement-directed tour of PG&E's ZNE (zero net energy) Home; artful film and interactive installations at The Museum of Science and Industry's permanent exhibition "Numbers in Nature"and much more.

A project still in the works is for a soon-to-be-opened, next-generation office building rising along Chicago's riverfront, where Leviathan is currently developing a curated content installation. Chad Hutson and Ellen Schopler are excited about this project, but we can only say here that it replaces the sort of art installation that has typically decorated fine commercial buildings with a powerful alternative that will help turn 150 North Riverside into a well-known landmark. The key is its ability to empower the curator with a near-endless feed of generative and artist-created content to affect a broad audience, both close-up and from afar. It starts with a 127-foot-wide LED wall….and Chad Hutson and Ellen Schopler will tell you more on October 28th.      

Join Chad Hutson, Ellen Schopler, Mike Rawlinson, Nik Hafermaas, Nils Wiberg,and other recognized leaders of the experiential graphic world who are shaping the profession's future at SEGD's upcoming Xlab. Learn how these practitioners and visionary designers are developing innovative experiential content, deploying new technology, and creating sensorial experiences that benefit clients and amaze users. After two days' immersion in tours, workshops and talks (and fun, too!) you'll return to your work inspired to try some new ideas that merge the physical and digital tools you’ll have at your fingertips.


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Xlab Design Conference 10.27.2016 - 10.28.2016

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