Xlab 2016—Design at the Intersection of Physical and Digital

NEW YORK – At Xlab 2016—October 27-28 in New York City—thought leaders from cutting-edge firms will convey a fundamental sense of where increasingly technologically infused experiences are taking users tomorrow—by revealing the state of the art in today’s terms.

Xlab is SEGD's signature conference with a focus on the future of experience design and technology for public spaces, interfaces, and interaction. Xlab 2016 will focus on the Intersection of Physical and Digital across a variety of emergent focus areas such as Smart City Ecosystems, Content and Place, Digital Materials, Virtual Reality and Next Generation Interactivity. In it's sixth year, SEGD Xlab brings together the diverse spectrum of practitioners and visionaries who make digital experiences possible, and the next generation of designers who are innovating our cities, workplaces, and leisure spaces.

The two-day design and technology event will feature cutting-edge designers, technologists, and thinkers:

  • George Burciaga of Civiq Smartscapes, a firm pioneering smarter and more connected media solutions to transform an environment into a Smartscape—like replacing NYC’s aging network of public payphones with state-of-the-art “Links”
  • Mike Rawlinson, founding director of CityID who has improved the legibility and experience of cities such as Bristol, Bath, and Southampton
  • Chad Hutson and Ellen Schopler, from Leviathan, a conceptual design firm creating narrative content and experience for brands and entertainers for “cars, cartoons, computers, concerts” and more
  • Refik Anadol, whose firm specializes in exploring the space among digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media arts—such as his SEGD Global Design Award-winning Virtual Depictions: San Francisco
  • Tali Krakowsky of Prophet, dedicated to developing innovative design strategies and immersive customer experiences for companies like Chanel, Google, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret
  • Nik Hafermaas, an international award-winning artist, designer and educational leader whose artist platform Ueberall conceives and produces data-driven art installations converging digital media and spatial experiences—most recently the e°FLOW Interactive Sculpture
  • Kyle Banuelos at Dot Dot Dash, who develop experiences that thrive at the interplay of physical environments and human participation, such as the VR experience for Mountain Dew at NBA All Star Toronto
  • Nils Wiberg, an interactive artist and interaction designer from Sweden now based in Iceland at Gagarin, whose recent work includes SEGD Global Design Award-winning interactive exhibits for the Eldheimar Volcano Museum
  • Jeremy Duimstra is a co-founder of MJD Interactive, a multi-disciplinary digital innovation agency in San Diego which focuses on experience design for clients such as Disney and GoPro
  • Yasmin Elayat, from Scatter, is a new media artist and experience designer who leverages emerging technology to push the boundaries of collaborative, participatory storytelling experiences

Xlab 2016 begins with tours and workshops on Thursday, October 27, followed by all-day keynote and panel sessions at the SVA Theatre in Manhattan on Friday, October 28.

For more information on the programor speakers, or to registerfor Xlab 2016, visit segd.org Capacity is limited, so early registration is encouraged.

AGI is the Presenting Sponsor of Xlab 2016.

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