Xlab 2015 -- Where User Experience and Digital Technology Collide

Imagine a world where the physical and digital realms are one and the same—where users expect the seamless experiences they enjoy online to continue in stores and museums, on city streets and public transit, and in their schools and workplaces. 

We’re quickly headed there, and it’s experience designers who are leading the way. The best and brightest minds in experience design + digital technology are meeting in New York Nov. 5 for Xlab 2015. They'll focus on new technologies, platforms, and interfaces and how they're shaping the future. At Xlab 2015 you'll meet:

Photo of Vivian Rosenthal Vivian Rosenthal, Snaps
The entrepreneur and chief founder-in-residence for 30Weeks, Google's founders'  program for designers, has been exploring “the unchartered territory where reality and architecture smack up against the virtual world” since The Matrix came out. Her latest new digital platform (after augmented reality) is a native advertising platform that uses messaging and emoji to connect Millennials with brands.

Photo of Brad Gleeson

Brad Gleeson, CIVIQ Smartscapes
The digital display industry pioneer says LinkNYCis not “just another municipal Wi-Fi project,” but the next giant leap toward the Internet of Things and a “seamless canopy of urban connectivity” that will encompass transit and wayfinding information, civic engagement, and communications.

Photo of Darren DavidDarren David, Stimulant
A creative technologist whose recent work includes a data visualization experience for the new One World Observatory in New York, David asks the question, “What experiences could you create if the conversation between inhabitant and space happened completely without friction?” He’ll talk about smart spaces and how organizations and brands are looking for ways to exceed their customers’ expectations for interactivity beyond devices and interfaces.

Photo of Josh GoldblumJosh Goldblum, Bluecadet
Josh Goldblum has a mantra when it comes to the award-winning digital storytelling and user experience projects he leads for his Philadelphia-based agency. "Technology should provide opportunities for human connection, inspiration, and awe—while not drawing attention to itself.” Bluecadet's work spans museum, university, and other cultural venues.

Photo of Terence CaulkinsDr. Terence Caulkins, Arup
With a background in physics and music, Terence Caulkins works at the intersection of acoustics, art, science, and architectural design. The researcher, designer, and interactive sound artist will share how his team at Arup is exploring portable indoor positioning systems using Project Tango, a platform that also allows indoor wayfinding to be linked to Building Information Models (BIM).

Xlab 2015 will cover the new landscape of digital technology and user experience design. Will you be there?
Get registered today; seats at the SVA Theatre are filling fast!

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