XLab 2015: Meet the Faces of Digital Disruption

NEW YORK –  Artists, hackers, coders, and entrepreneurs are transforming the ways we connect with each other in the digital and physical worlds and disrupting the very nature of experience design. They’ll gather at Xlab 2015—Nov. 5-6 in NYC—to share how they’re using platforms like virtual reality, messaging, wearable technology, beacons, and data to connect people and place.

The two-day design + technology event will feature cutting-edge designers, technologists, and thinkers:

➢ Designer and digital entrepreneur Vivian Rosenthal,whose company Snaps is helping brands harness the more than 80 million text messages streaming daily

➢ Former frog fellow, cowboy, and creative technologist Jared Ficklin,whose new company argodesign specializes in innovative interaction models

➢ Artist and YouTube DIY guru Becky Stern,Director of Wearable Electronics at Adafruit, the NYC-based supplier of DIY equipment and electronics for the maker market

➢ Designer and technologist Darren Davidof Stimulant, an innovation studio that brings spaces to life by transforming them into pioneering, any-scale interactive environments

➢ MIT Media Lab PhD and inventor Flavia Sparacino,who creates technology-driven, engaging user experiences through her company Sensing Places

➢ Experience designer and strategist Mike Clare,whose company Intersection (Control Group) is the architect of LinkNYC, the initiative that is replacing New York’s obsolete pay phone booths with municipal Wi-Fi hotspots

Xlab 2015 returns to the SVA Theatre in Manhattan Thursday, Nov. 5, for all-day keynote and panel sessions. Project tours and studio visits are scheduled for Friday, Nov. 6.

For more information on the program or speakers, or to register for Xlab 2015, see here.Capacity is limited, so early registration is encouraged.

Planar is the Presenting Sponsor of Xlab 2015.

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