Xlab—Digital Innovation and the Future of Experiential Design

October 27—28, New York City will be filled with members of the SEGD community excited to learn techniques and hear the visions of recognized leaders of the experiential graphic design world at Xlab,SEGD's upcoming digital design conference. The event will focus on the intersection of physical and digital, recognized practice leaders from the experiential graphic design world will share stories about how they're developing new ecosystems for smart cities, developing experiential content, innovating materials, creating sensorial experiences and provoking next generational thinking about experiential design.


Why YOU Should Plan to Be There

Everyone needs inspiration. Xlab is designed to provide guidance and provoke a response to rapidly evolving technology factors in experience design, revealing the state-of-the-art in today's terms. At the 2016 event, thought-leaders from barrier-breaking firms Civiq Smartscapes, CityID, Leviathan, Refik Anadol Sudio, Ueberall, Dot Dot Dash and Gagarin will give you a fundamental sense of where increasingly technologically infused experiences are taking users tomorrow.

You are looking for ways to improve the user experience that no one else has even thought of. You will come away from Xlab with your brain abuzz with the many innovative ways you can put the latest tools to work in your next projects.

You’re a touch/experience learner. Pre-Xlab workshops will introduce Xlab topics through project tours, workshops and a special Show+Tell mixer at the Samsung Experience Center—a new kind of place filled with ideas, interactive installations and opportunities for visitors to try out buzz-worthy technologies.


SEGD's Director of Education Justin Molloy has this to say about the October event:

“The digital and physical worlds continue to merge in unexpected ways, providing the opportunity for all experiential graphic design practitioners to innovate and integrate technology in ways that only a few years ago seemed impossible. Xlab bridges both the physical and digital worlds by showing you the latest innovations, and gathering the top experiential leaders for two days of tours, workshops and talks.”


Learn from these (and more!), design and technology leaders at Xlab 2016:

George Burciaga of Civiq Smartscapes

Mike Rawlinson,City ID

Chad Hutson,Leviathan

Refik Anadol,Refik Anadol Studio

Nik Hafermaas,Ueberall

Kyle Banuelos, Dot Dot Dash

Nils Wilberg,Gagarin


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