Join us virtually for the SEGD 2020 Young Designers Summit

Welcome to the Young Designers Series, an SEGD forum for designers between the ages of 18 and 35, and for experienced professionals newly transitioning into the EGD field. For those of us developing our careers and looking for a stimulating environment to share insights with peers and experienced EGD professionals, this is more than ever the forum to stay connected to our larger SEGD community.

We are excited to connect with you virtually in the coming weeks through a new series of bite-sized experience presentations and panel discussions, framed around YDS’s 6 cornerstone themes. To kick off this year’s Series, join us for uniquely curated discussions around two of our cornerstones, Community and Inspiration, on July 16th and July 23rd, and connect with your peers, colleagues, and other EGD professionals.

It is our goal, no matter the platform, to provide designers and professionals with inspirational presentations, group discussions, and foster the mentor/mentee connections that will last throughout our careers.

July 16: Community

In these changing times, social and communication constructs have been significantly tested and reevaluated as we grapple with the needs and scale possibilities of community, from the macro to the micro. For each of us the framework through which we connect with others and our reason to do so is driven by diverse motivations. Within this SEGD family what can we share and learn from each of our unique understandings and experiences around the idea and need for community, in our work, our firms, and our broader social experience?


July 23: Inspiration

In some manner we are all storytellers. As a community the sharing of stories and experience weaves through our collective consciousness and engages us, drives us, challenges us, guides us. But inspiration is a fickle character, hard to define and harder to unearth. So what does inspiration mean to each of us? How and where do we find it, and can our inspiration give others perspective and, possibly, the spark to stay engaged or take that next leap of faith in career or life.



Join us virtually for the SEGD 2020 Young Designers Series
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Elizabeth Griswold is a Senior Graphic Designer at Ewing Cole in Raleigh, NC
Elizabeth Griswold
Darlene van Uden, Infinite Scale
Darlene van Uden
Matthew Grote
Matthew Grote
Hannah Anderson is the Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Hannah Anderson
Colleen Connolly
Colleen Connolly
Bryan Meszaros, Founder of OpenEye Global (OEG), New York
Bryan Meszaros
jonathan posnett headshot
Jonathan Posnett
Jules Naujoks
Jules Naujoks
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2020 SEGD YDS Co-Chair Hannah Anderson Q&A

A YDS Story Told By YDS Co-Chair, Hannah Anderson

Read Time: 7 minutes
As we prepare for the second installment of the 2020 SEGD Young Designers Series this Thursday, July 23, we caught up with Hannah Anderson to ask her about her experience with YDS; how she initially got involved with the program, what to expect at this year's event, and how the program is evolving to meet the demands and challenges of a shifting society.

2020 SEGD Young Designers Series campaign

Forging Connections Through Shared Experiences—2020 YDS

Read Time: <1 minute

Did you realize that 47% of SEGD's membership are millennials?! That makes you, if you’re a young designer between 18 and 34 years old, a critical part of our organization!

This Series is for you!

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