2020 SEGDVoices 05, Inclusive Design in Practice at the Smithsonian Institution

Inclusive Design is a holistic process that involves consideration of various facets of human diversity including age, gender, race, religion, culture, and experience. This process respects and acknowledges that within any given population there is a wide spectrum of individual abilities, needs, and aspirations.

Presented by SEGD’s Los Angeles Chapter, Beth Ziebarth, Director, Access Smithsonian, will discuss strategies employed by the office and the Institution to design accessible and inclusive exhibitions and programs. The goal is to provide visitors with effortless access to programs, collections, and facilities.

Educators Angela Iarocci, Professor, Sheridan College, and Neeta Verma, Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame, who serve on SEGD’s Academic Task Force, will moderate a short Q+A following the presentation.

This SEGDVoices session will be held at Tuesday September 29th at 3:30 pm Eastern / 12:30 pm Pacific time

Angela Iarocci, Professor Sheridan College
Angela Iarocci
Neat Verma, University of Notre Dame
Neeta Verma
Beth Ziebarth, Access Smithsonian
Beth Ziebarth
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