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Present Yourself, SEGD’s newest initiative connecting students to their future careers, also provides mentorship opportunities for professionals as well as links to the next wave of design talent.

In May, SEGD will host a virtual space where graduating design students will meet SEGD professionals for candid portfolio reviews and career advice—essential in our current climate.

Design leaders from across the country and around the world will support student members about to enter the design world full time by meeting with them for 15-minute sessions. Together, they’ll review capstone projects, discuss presentation pointers, and share career wisdom and insights.

Students will complete the circle by adding their resumes to SEGD JOBS, where potential employers can post positions or purchase a “Resumes Only” package.

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David Vanden-Eynden, Partner, Calori and Vanden-Eynden, New York, 2007 SEGD Fellow
David Vanden-Eynden
Chris Calori, Calori and Vanden Eynden, New York, SEGD 2007 SEGD Fellow
Chris Calori
Russell Dow is a Co-Chair for the St. Louis Chapter and Senior Experiential Designer at PGAV Destinations
Russell Dow
Photograph of Lucy Holmes, Lucy Holmes Design
Lucy Holmes
Laura Varacchi is a Partner at LVCK in Brooklyn.
Laura Varacchi
Kate Tews
Kate Tews
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson
Cybelle Jones, Gallagher & Associates
Cybelle Jones
Jerome Cloud headshot
Jerome Cloud
Greg Nelson
Greg Nelson
Hannah Olin, Environmental Graphic Designer at Gensler in Washington DC
Hannah Olin
Shannon Hackley, Shannon-Leigh Associates
Shannon Hackley
Headshot of Angela Serravo, SEGD Denver Chapter, Tangram
Angela Serravo
Karen Watkins
Karen Watkins
Leah Schuster
Lea Schuster
Sherry Leung
Sherry Leung
Michael Reed, Partner, Mayer/Reed, Portland, 2016 SEGD Fellow
Michael Reed
Photograph of Amy Owen, EGG Office
Amy Owen
Joshua Gallagher is a Senior Visual Designer at Gallagher & Associates. Joshua Gallagher has nearly a decade's worth of experience in visual and communication design.
Joshua Gallagher
Headshot of Gretchen Coss, Gallagher & Associates
Gretchen Coss
Annelle Stotz
Annelle Stotz
Steve Reinisch, TheGreatDetailGuy
Steve Reinisch
Ed Ryan
Ed Ryan
Dawn Diamond
Dawn Diamond
Oen Hammonds
Oen Hammonds
Bob Loza BW
Bob Loza
Deby Bailey is the Founder of Bailey Design Elements in Byron Center, MI
Deby Bailey
Kris Helmick
Kris Helmick
Pheonix Walter is an Experiential Design Specialist at EAB in Washington, D.C.
Pheonix Walter
John Bosio, MERJE
John Bosio
Present Yourself Becomes a Biannual Mentorship Event

Present Yourself Becomes a Biannual Mentorship Event

Read Time: 3.5 minutes

What began as a sort of band-aid for design students who can't participate in live portfolio reviews this year, has grown into an engaging new program offering from SEGD. 

2020 Present Yourself—portfolio reviews and professional mentoring

SEGD Announces Its Newest Initiative, Present Yourself!

Read Time: 2 minutes
Present Yourself is SEGD’s newest initiative connecting students to their future careers and providing mentorship opportunities for professionals as well as links to the next wave of talent.

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